Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda. (cover story)

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      417310 Computer, computer peripheral and pre-packaged software merchant wholesalers
      334110 Computer and peripheral equipment manufacturing
      334111 Electronic Computer Manufacturing
      443144 Computer and software stores
      443142 Electronics Stores
      541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
      541519 Other Computer Related Services
      541514 Computer systems design and related services (except video game design and development)
    • Abstract:
      This article presents information on the computer software Windows Vista by Microsoft Corp. Many of WinFS's user benefits will be present in Vista, full access to existing metadata, the ability to apply keywords to files, and virtual folders and stacks. But the loss/delay of WinFS has further tarnished Vista's marketing luster. Besides creating a negative marketing buzz, excising WinFS also resulted in the removal of WinFS-dependent features, most notably, the Microsoft Business Framework. Many developers have been predicting that Vista won't be a major Windows release at all. One Microsoft development partner, who asked to remain anonymous, said that Vista is going to be pretty tame. It's going to be Windows XP, plus Service Pack 3, plus some bundling of anti-spyware, plus a watered-down XAML/Avalon framework. The partner isn't alone in his sentiments. But despite mounting fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding Vista's value-add, and it's true that the known Vista features and enhancements pale in comparison with WinFS and the Vista-only Avalon and Indigo subsystems Microsoft promised originally, Microsoft is sticking to its claim that even without these elements, Vista will be as momentous an upgrade as Windows 95 was.
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      1Editor of Microsoft Watch newsletter and Web site (www.microsoft-watch.com)
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