64-bit computing: What's in it for you.

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      511211 Software publishers (except video game publishers)
      511210 Software Publishers
      541512 Computer Systems Design Services
      541514 Computer systems design and related services (except video game design and development)
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      This article focuses on a seminar related to desktop prospects for 64-bit computing. Windows users at the seminar learned of Microsoft Corp.'s March 3 promise of a 64-bit Windows as early as next month, exploiting the improved security of 64- bit PCs. On the whole, attendees did not seem to resent that Microsoft might therefore nudge them in the direction of buying a new machine: Only 3 percent expected to be, in effect, forced to do so while gaining no real benefit. On the other hand, attendees seemed to be in no hurry to make the 64-bit move. One-eighth of those responding to the corresponding poll put a Windows "compatibility box" at the head of their applications wish list. This feature would let them move most applications to Linux while retaining a side-by-side Windows capability. Attendees wondered if they would be caught in a compatibility crossfire between Intel and AMD, asking what kind of cooperation they could hope to see between the latter's AMD64 and the former's largely imitative (and less throughput-optimized) EM64T (Extended Memory 64 Technology) architecture.
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