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      Validation of Trans Fatty Acid in Foods Analysis Method Based on AOCS Official Method Ce 1h-05. (English)
    • Abstract:
      Cardiovascular disease is related to the high consumption of trans fatty acid. This issue has driven SEAFAST IPB Laboratory to develop a trans fatty acid analysis method for gas chromatography based on AOCS Official Method Ce 1h-05. This research was aimed to validate the method via three steps: preparation step, procedure orientation test, and method validation. During instrument performance testing in the preparation step, linearity, limit of detection (LoD), limit of quantitation (LoQ), range, and precision parameters were validated for FAME 9t-C18:1 and C18:2 isomer mixed standard solution. During the method validation step, specificity, precision and accuracy parameters were validated for 9t-C18:1 compound attached to food matrix, i.e. doughnut. The instrument validation result of 9t-C18:1 standard solution had fulfilled the criteria of linearity (r²=1, requirement r² > 0.990) within the range of 0.0020 to 0.1200 mg/mL; precision (RSD) 0.24%; LoD 0.0007 mg/mL and LoQ 0.0020 mg/mL. The instrument validation result for each isomer in C18:2 standard solution also met the criteria of linearity (r²= 0.9999, requirement r² > 0.990) with precision (RSD), LoD and LoQ respectively; 1) 9t,12t-C18:2: 1.40%; 0.0033 mg/mL; 0.0100 mg/mL; 2) 9t,12c-C18:2: 1.89%; 0.0015 mg/mL; 0.0045 mg/mL; 3) 9c,12t-C18:2: 2.39%; 0.0015 mg/mL; 0.0044 mg/mL; 4) C18:2 cis: 3.39%; 0.0006 mg/mL; 0.0019 mg/mL. The validation result for 9t-C18:1 in 100 mg fat extract of doughnut suggested that the modified method is validated in term of specificity (Rs = 1.2), precision (RSD fatty acid content (mg/g) = 1.78%; RSD percentage of fatty acid content towards total fatty acid = 0.72%) and accuracy (as percentage of recovery) 80.54-94.25%. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
    • Abstract:
      Meningkatnya isu kesehatan terkait penyakit kardiovaskuler yang dihubungkan dengan tingkat konsumsi asam lemak trans mendorong laboratorium SEAFAST IPB untuk mengembangkan metode analisis asam lemak trans dengan kromatografi gas berdasarkan AOCS Official Method Ce 1h-05 (AOCS, 2005). Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memvalidasi metode tersebut melalui tiga tahap: tahap persiapan, orientasi prosedur uji dan validasi metode. Selama pengecekan unjuk kerja instrumen pada tahap persiapan dilakukan validasi linieritas, batas deteksi (LoD) dan batas kuantitasi (LoQ), rentang kerja, serta presisi pada larutan baku FAME 9t-C18:1 dan campuran isomer C18:2. Sementara pada tahap validasi metode dilakukan validasi spesifisitas, presisi dan akurasi untuk senyawa 9t-C18:1 dalam matriks produk pangan, dalam hal ini donat. Hasil validasi instrumen pada baku 9t-C18:1 memenuhi kriteria linieritas (r² = 1,00, syarat r² > 0,990) pada rentang kerja 0,0020 sampai 0,1200 mg/mL, dengan presisi (RSD) 0,24%, LoD 0,0007 mg/mL, dan LoQ 0,0020 mg/mL. Hasil validasi untuk setiap isomer dalam baku campuran isomer C18:2 juga memenuhi kriteria linieritas (r² = 0,9999, syarat r² > 0,990) dengan presisi (RSD), LoD dan LoQ masing-masing; 1) 9t,12t-C18:2: 1,40%; 0,0033 mg/mL 0,0100 mg/mL; 2) 9t,12c-C18:2: 1,89%; 0,0015 mg/mL; 0,0045 mg/mL; 3) 9c,12t-C18:2: 2,39%; 0,0015 mg/mL; 0,0044 mg/mL; 4) C18:2 cis: 3,39%; 0,0006 mg/mL; 0,0019 mg/mL. Hasil validasi metode untuk senyawa 9t-C18:1 dalam 100 mg ekstrak lemak donat menunjukkan bahwa metode tervalidasi untuk parameter spesifisitas (Rs = 1,2), presisi (RSD kadar asam lemak (mg/g) = 1,78%; RSD persen kadar asam lemak terhadap asam lemak total = 0,72%) dan akurasi (persen rekoveri) 80,54-94,25%. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
    • Abstract:
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