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      One of the strangest groups of people in America is a sect of Russian peasants who live in a valley of western Canada. Formerly Doukhobors, they have forsworn the worldliness of that society to revert to an even more primitive life. They eat no cooked or seasoned foods, kill no living thing, and use no farm animals or mechanical devices. They do not cut the hair or beard, and occasionally make giant bon- fires of all their clothes and money. The old abolition freed the Negro from chattel slavery; a new abolition movement, seeking to free him from caste slavery, is now under way. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People rejects physical violence, but it aims to secure for the Negro the same treatment that whites are accorded in this country. Its method are the education of public opinion, use of the higher federal and state courts, the sponsoring of legislation, the ballot, and various cultural and economic stimuli. The most conspicuous success been in rousing sentiment against lynching and helping to bring about its marked decrease in the past three years.