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      The article focuses on the future fertility rate of African Americans. There is no doubt that recent progress in the campaign against venereal disease has resulted in an increase in African American fecundity. Complementing and associated with the improvement in health have been sharp decreases in both maternal and fetal mortality. These and other factors making for higher fertility have been sufficient to mask the effects of others which act to pull the birth rate down. But, in the rather near future the greater part of the effects of the improvement in health will have been realized, and further social and economic gains may have the result of pulling down rather than raising the birth rate. There are, in fact, a number of indications that the African American birth rate will be sharply reduced. One of the most important of these lies in the fact that a high proportion of African American children are not wanted. In summary, a number of factors have been noted which would tend to keep African American fertility at its present high level or perhaps even to increase it. These include the continued improvement in general health and the lowering of the incidence of venereal disease, the decrease in maternal and fetal deaths, the possibly increasing stability of the African American family, and the probably continuing economic development.