Oogenesis Karang Sclerectinia Caulastrea furcatadan Lobophyllia corymbosa

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    • Abstract:
      Caulastrea furcataand Lobophyllia corymbosaare corals of order Sclerectinian. Caulastrea furcatais the only species of genus Caulastreathat could be found in Kepulauan Seribu and L. corymbosais a rare species. The purpose of this research was to study sexual reproduction of the Sclerectinian coral. The result showed that the ovaries of C. furcataand L. corymbosawere developed in the mesentery, inside the mesoglea, and pinched by gastrodermis. Distinctive channel with trophonema like structure was found in both species as well as gamete which was spawned from polyp through distinctive channel. The gamete simply spawned trough gastrodermis, heading from mesentery filament to excretion track. Histological observation showed that there were four stages of gamet maturity level. However, gonad maturity level consisted of three stadia depended on the characteristic of the ovary.