Induction of labour at or beyond 37 weeks' gestation

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        Middleton, Philippa #CD004945-aff-0001; Middleton, Philippa, CD004945-cr-0003; Middleton, Philippa 1; Shepherd, Emily 1 2; Morris, Jonathan 3; Crowther, Caroline A 4; Gomersall, Judith C 5
      • Source:
        Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. This document is a Academic Journal
        Review first published in Issue 4, 2006.
        Protocol first published in Issue 4, 2004.
        This version first published online: 15 July 2020 in Issue 7, 2020.
      • Source:
        This record should be cited as: Middleton, Philippa, Middleton, Philippa, CD004945-cr-0003, Middleton, Philippa, Shepherd, Emily, Morris, Jonathan, Crowther, Caroline A, Gomersall, Judith C. Induction of labour at or beyond 37 weeks' gestation. (Protocol) Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2020, Issue 7. Art. No.: CD004945. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD004945.pub5.