[Infant mortality and infant care in Hungary].

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  • Author(s): Schuler D; Klinger A
  • Source:
    Orvosi hetilap [Orv Hetil] 1981 Jan 11; Vol. 122 (2), pp. 67-71.
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    English Abstract; Journal Article
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    • Transliterated Title:
      A hazai csecsemöhalandóság és az újszülöttellátás néhány kérdéséról.
    • Source:
      Publisher: Akademiai Kiado Country of Publication: Hungary NLM ID: 0376412 Publication Model: Print Cited Medium: Print ISSN: 0030-6002 (Print) Linking ISSN: 00306002 NLM ISO Abbreviation: Orv Hetil Subsets: MEDLINE
    • Publication Information:
      Publication: 2007- : Budapest : Akademiai Kiado
      Original Publication: Pest : Markusovszky Lajos
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      Indexing Agency: IND Local ID #: 9007114. Indexing Agency: POP Local ID #: 00127806.
      Keywords: Child Health Services*; Comparative Studies*; Delivery Of Health Care; Demographic Factors; Developed Countries; Eastern Europe*; Europe; Health; Health Services*; Hungary; Infant Mortality*; Maternal-child Health Services; Mortality*; Neonatal Mortality*; Population; Population Dynamics; Primary Health Care; Research Methodology; Studies
      Local Abstract: [PIP] The reasons why infant mortality remains comparatively high in Hungary despite the provision of modern health care services are explored. The authors note that a campaign to reduce neonatal and infant mortality was started in 1979.
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      Date Created: 19810111 Date Completed: 19810723 Latest Revision: 20091021
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