Healing The Past.

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    People, 9/13/2004, Vol. 62 Issue 11, p131, 3p, 5 Color Photographs
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      The article profiles Dr. Ron Myers who treats the Mississippi Delta's long legacy of poverty and racism-one patient at a time. Dr. Ron Myers still makes house calls. That is, when he can get to his patients. On a rainy morning in June, Myers is driving down a rutted dirt road on a plantation in Tchula, Miss., hoping to pay a visit to a share-cropper's tin-roofed shack. But a downpour has turned the road into a mire. Bad roads are the least of what Myers, 48, faces in Tchula, a city of 2,300 in overwhelmingly black Holmes County. Dirt-poor, remote and struggling with a legacy of racism, the area has an infant mortality rate of 11.9 per 1,000 births, nearly double the national average. In 1989, the ordained Baptist minister and family practitioner created the Myers Foundation, a nonprofit group that funds four health clinics in the Delta. Aided occasionally by volunteer medical students, Myers says he clocks some 50,000 miles a year on the region's rural back roads, making house calls to those too frail or isolated to reach him. Although a doctor with his training could earn six figures in private practice elsewhere, Myers and his wife, Sylvia, 45, who runs day-to-day operations at the clinics, support their two children on $45,000 a year and live in a mobile home in nearby Belzoni.
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